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ESOL is trade name of solvents &plasticizers produced by Eil Industrial Co., Ltd. 

We are the agent of Eil Industrial and distributing the various product which available various industry sector.


Features of “ESOL N”  

1. Clear and Viscous Liquid

2. Environment-friendly non-phthalate plasticizer: 

   SGS certified (non-phthalate)

3. Excellent compatibility for polar polymers and compounds:

   Better compatibility than other conventional hydrocarbon plasticizer.

4. Good chemical resistance performance

5. Imporve handling characteristics:

   Making pumping, pouring and self-leveling



Urethane/Epoxy paint: Application of non-phthalate plasticizers

PVC: Partial substitution of plasticizers (DOP, DINP, etc)

Polar Rubber(NBR): Substitution of phthalate plasticize (DOP, etc) editorimgrs